Ethereum Classic potentially setting itself up to divest a large amount of mining power currently being utilized by Ethereum. The upcoming Ethereum Classic airdrop. The upcoming Bitcoin Private hardfork. -Ethereum Classic to divest large amounts of hashing power from Ethereum miners.
Sometimes it behooves us to step back and ask the Universe, "Ok bro, what are you telling me?" Yes, I refer to the Universe as bro. God understands the language you naturally speak.
The Senate Bill 1091, which intends to enable cryptocurrencies for tax payment, was introduced Jan. 10, 2018 and passed by the Senate Finance Committee by a 4-3 vote on Jan. 24.
Bitcoin may be experiencing a potential bear trap for those who open up shorts this evening? Let's look at the charts and see what's really going on with the price of Bitcoin!
Given the larger picture of the market correction concerning Bitcoin and other Altcoins, experienced investors know that we are in a perfect purchasing position and have been for the last week. Good positions like these market-wide do not come around everyday.
We are back within the falling wedge formation! After a daily bearish move downwards, we have shot back up. Is this a reversal finally, back into a range of motion that would make me bullish, or is this another dead cat bounce?
The current price of Bitcoin is $6,532 on Coinbase. Today's high was $7097 with a low of $6483. Clearly the chartists were wrong with their target of $7500 as the bottom, as we saw the slight rebound after wicking down to the 200 Day SMA peter out.
Well it happen, 10k. Then, 19k. Almost 20k! This BTC run has been phenomenal, and continuously grown in a parabolic craziness surrounded by nothing but speculation and excitement.