We're getting closer and closer to the Monero V hard fork! As we approach the Monero V community is swelling, and as a result the team has offered opportunities to be a developer or a community supporter! Visit http://discord.crackingcryptocurrency.com to participate.
Oyster Pearl, if succesful in execution, the internet's current revenue-making streams concerning advertisements could be completely revolutionized! Let's take an in-depth look at it's strengths, innovations, goals, and potential flaws.
One of the themes we've been talking about recently is how markets are made, and the reality of what institutional money entering into the crypto markets looks like. Taking a macro-perspective, we turn to the headlines this week to sumise what the market makers moves are.
Only days left for MoneroV snapshot/fork, are you ready? We're going over which exchanges have announced support, and what to do with your wallets to claim Airdrop tokens. It’s all about the more you know, and that’s why we’re Cracking Crypto!
Ethereum Classic potentially setting itself up to divest a large amount of mining power currently being utilized by Ethereum. The upcoming Ethereum Classic airdrop. The upcoming Bitcoin Private hardfork. -Ethereum Classic to divest large amounts of hashing power from Ethereum miners.
Learn how to use Moving Averages to complement your trading strategy! The potential threat of a replay attack on the Callisto blockchain is real. Learn the one simple thing you have to do to mitigate the risk of a replay attack!
Learn how to use Moving Averages to complement your trading strategy! Moving Averages can be used for entry and exit signals, buy and sell zones, and easily identifying if a crypto or asset is trending. Incorporate this powerful tool into your arsenal to maximize your profit!