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Here at Cracking Cryptocurrency, we focus on teaching our members the skills necessary to trade profitably for a lifetime. We go above and beyond merely providing trading signals. We are committed to helping our students grow in the most efficient and sustainable ways possible. We guide our members through mastering technical and algorithmic strategies, portfolio and risk management, and most importantly a disciplined psychological approach. If you’re tired of crypto calls, signals groups, crypto pump and dump groups, and telegram we would love to have you as a member of our community. If you've struggled with finding trade entries, managing your positions, or discipline we have a community of traders and mentors waiting to assist you. Aren't you tired of pump and dump groups leaving you holding the bag? With Telegram trading signals that ask you to place your money on the market in blind faith? Are you prepared to learn from professionals who practice a no-nonsense optimized approach to profitability? We were too when we founded this company. If you came here looking to grow, it sounds like you're ready to become a member of Cracking Cryptocurrency Premium Trading Group!

Premium Trading Group

Membership in the Discord Premium Trading Group is more than just a subscription service, it's a lifestyle. You’ll receive up-to-date Market Analysis from our professional traders. To help traders grow while they’re learning, we also provide Premium Trading Signals so you can start earning now. Our developers have created a suite of Proprietary Indicators and Strategies, all complete with their own educational series and tutorial. You’ll gain access to our Premium Webinar Series to take you through the four pillars of profitable trading, and most importantly: access to our Private Discord Community where you can engage in real-time with our top traders and analysts. Not a mere signals group, Cracking Cryptocurrency is where traders come to go pro.


Pathways To Profit: Trading Strategy Creation Course

Are you tired of relying on a guru’s analysis on what direction the market is going to move? Scrolling through Telegram cryptocurrency signal channels searching for a good entry signal or watching Twitter for your favorite trader’s opinion on Litecoin? It’s time to build your own technical strategy, and learn to rely upon yourself. This is what we specialize in. We have reduced technical strategy building to its base elements, and in our proprietary Pathways to Profit Course we walk you through how to build your very own strategy from the ground up. No more relying on anyone else: learn how to measure objective data from technical indicators to generate a statistical edge in the market. Turn the odds in your favor like a casino, and trade with conviction!

Supply & Demand

Learn the fundamental aspects of what makes our markets move, and how to properly respond.  Learn the difference between horizontal levels, psychological levels, and diagonal levels and which ones constitute important aspects of our market, and which are pure noise.

Technical Indicators

Any good objective strategy is based upon powerful indicators.  In addition to supplying you with our access to our Proprietary Indicator Suite, we also teach you how to objectively measure the effectiveness of any technical indicator for the purposes of trade signal generation. 


The bane of any good strategy is always going to be false signals.  Learn how we combine our technical indicators in such a way to filter out losing trades and maximize the potential of our winners.

Stop & Target

Learn our simple approach to stop loss and profit taking, relying on actual market volatility to objectively determine our placements in advance.  Learn how the concepts of Supply and Demand can influence this, and when to confidently know when to apply them.

Risk Management

The core of any profitable trader’s strategy is how he position sizes and manages risk.  Learn from our extensive experience with money management. We provide custom tools to determine your optimum position size, as well as educate a trader on how to grow and develop their own personalized money management strategy.  Don’t ever want to risk blowing your account out? We don’t want you too either, and that’s why we start and end with risk.

Psychology and Discipline

Learning a new skill can at times be mentally frustrating and difficult.  Not only is our entire team here to assist you in this process, but we also teach the Cracking Cryptocurrency Lifestyle.  Get away from watching 15-minute candlesticks, and learn how the higher time frames can guide you to a greater level of success.  Our Traders and Analysts lead by example, providing the role models to inspire you toward a higher level of personal development.

Are you here to build your own Technical Strategy? In this video Justin explains how we can help you whether your focus is Crypto, Forex, or Traditional Markets

Market Updates

Confused about the trend direction of an asset or the entire market in general? Receive timely updates from the Analyst Team at Cracking Cryptocurrency. Each trader analyzes the market through their custom proprietary methods, pushing real-time updates to our Members. Not your average crypto call, our traders take a deep dive into market structure, injecting into their analysis their unique and seasoned take in easy-to-understand updates.


Support and Resistance Levels, Technical Indicators, Volatility and Volume play a key role in our analysis of the evolution of price.


Upcoming News, Hash Rate, Exchange Data, Adoption, Google Search Trends, Fear and Greed Index and other factors are analyzed by our Analysts to better forecast market direction.

Sentiment Data

Social Media Sentiment, Asset Correlation, Longs and Shorts Ratios on Futures Contracts: all form a powerful tool for informing our trading decisions.


We know learning to trade can be a difficult task.  That’s why we provide our members with mentors to assist in their transition.  You’ll also have access to live website support, scheduled sessions with your mentor, and full audio and video tutorials to explain every nuance of our community.


Transparency and Accountability are our core principals at Cracking Cryptocurrency. Our Trade Results are publicly available at our Current Month Results sheet, as well as our Historic Results folder. All current trades are always live and viewable by our members. We publish our End of Month results on all our social media accounts and it is available for public scrutiny at any time.  We are the only trading group that publishes its trading results going back over a year.


We started Cracking Cryptocurrency out of a need we saw in the space to provide a legitimate and honest educational community for traders & investors. We know the negative light that is cast on "Cryptocurrency Signals" and we work every day to highlight the difference between what we do and what you'll find on Telegram. We've been in business since 2017 and will continue to be the best Premium Group and educational resource provider in the Cryptocurrency space. We stand by our calls, our words, and by our ethics.

Premium Chat & Voice Channels

Sometimes it takes more than just trading signals and educational content. You’ll have live access to your fellow students and instructors in our private Chat and Voice channels. Want to hop on and live day-trade with our team? Take advantage of our Live Voice channels in Discord. Have a burning question or just don't understand what an indicator is telling you? Our 24/7 private chat channels are always available to you.


Premium Technical & Fundamental Analysis

Receive daily chart updates from some of the best in the industry with our daily stream of technical analysis. Breaking down our positions, critical levels of support and resistance, key Technical Indicators, Sentiment, Volatility, and Volume help us provide a coherent picture. No "if it goes up we're bullish, if it goes down we're bearish" rubbish. Receive no-nonsense, clearly defined strategies based on our analysis.

Educational Lecture Series

Learn directly from our Senior Mentor himself. Justin has spent time painstakingly creating full video tutorials for many different styles of trading. Learn how he personally manages risk, balances his portfolio, allocates his position size, determines his stop placement as well as targets. Learn how to build your own "if this, then that" trading algorithm and receive in-depth walkthroughs and breakdowns on some of the most advanced concepts in trading. Taking complex topics and walking you through at your pace is our true skill here at Cracking Cryptocurrency, and a regular stream of updated Webinars will keep you on the cutting edge of the market.

Premium News

Receive the latest and most important news carefully compiled and prioritized for you!

Ready To Start Learning?

Join a winning mastermind group and build your strategy!

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$150 Monthly
  • Daily Swing Trade Setups
  • Long Term Positional Trade Setups
  • Intraday Trade Signals
  • Market Scalp Signals
  • Proprietary Indicator Suite
  • Support E-Mail & Live Chat
  • Educational Training Lectures
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Life Coaching
  • Mastermind Support Community

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$450 Quarterly
  • All Basic Features PLUS:
  • Pathways to Profit – Strategy Building Course
  • Proprietary Risk Management System
  • On-Demand Website Customer Service and Support
  • Algorithmic Backtesting Course
  • Pine Scripting Tutorial
  • Proprietary Advanced Trading Journal


$900 Semi-Annually
  • All Plus Features PLUS:
  • Group Mentorship (2 hours/month - Senior Analyst)
  • Direct Messaging with Senior Analyst Alex
  • Direct Messaging with Senior Analyst DaVinci


$1,800 Yearly
  • All Advanced Features PLUS:
  • One-on-One Mentorship (2 hours/month - Lead Analyst)
  • Direct Messaging with Lead Analyst Justin
  • Priority Direct Messaging with Senior Analysts


$10,000 Lifetime
  • All Professional Features PLUS:
  • Priority One-on-One Mentorship - Lead Analyst
  • Priority One-on-One Mentorship - Senior Analyst
  • Priority Direct Messaging with Lead Analyst Justin

*7-day trial available by signing up for "Basic" level. After 7 days, you will be billed at the standard rate until you cancel.

How Do I Access the Premium Discord?

How Do I Access the Premium Discord?

  1. Go to Discord's Website and download Discord for your computer. Alternatively, you can just log in with our browser. You will need to create an account. This is the account you will use to access our Member's Discord, where we provide signals, education, and mentoring.
  2. You will also want to have access to Discord on your phone. Head over to "App Store" on iPhone, or "Play Store" on an Android device to download and install the Discord app.
  3. Once installed/open, navigate to our Discord community. This will give you access to our Discord Server.
  4. Optional: DM Justin Wise, Scott Lantow, or Ben Kirkland (they will be at the top of the users list) to assist you further.

Step Two: Select your Premium Package.

  1. Scroll up to view and choose which Subscription Package you desire.
  2. Click "Go Premium!" on the package of your choice.
  3. Fill out all required information and make a payment.

Step Three: Enjoy our Premium Trading Group

  1. Once you fill out the form and make payment, our system will automatically update and upgrade your Discord Role.
  2. You will then have access to the private channels and rooms.
  3. An Admin will contact you shortly thereafter in Discord and e-mail to share our welcome documents, educational material, and grant you access to our resources library.

If you need further assistance, let us know via Email, Discord, or call us at 815-293-7898!