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We want to have a community passionate about Crypto, and it's innovations in the finance industry. We bring you an amazing package of news, investment and trading recommendations, and a wonderful chatroom community! 

It's very important to plan ahead, and we love to help make sure you know when things are are, and when they are down.

A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends.

The discord chat is a great place for more fast paced, up to date info. We make sure things are comfortable, and productive.

We love to help explain how to operate your way through the Crypto space. You have to know where backups are located!

Part of a strong community, is working together. We enjoy answering any and all questions possible. We believe in learning from everyone.

Our team studies the charts day and night, well, because Crypto is open 24/7! We have years of experience, and love to share what we have learned.

We work with our subscribers and free chat members to make sure your Crypto trading and investment questions are answered. 

Our Focus

Our publications offering short, mid, and long term recommendations. This paired with our in depth explanations and guidance is key to a full service solution.

We believe in communication being an important part of any relationship, this means offering many ways to stay informed, and connected.

This really our favorite element. Technical and fundamental analysis is very important to utilize as tools for building an investment and trading plan.

Every investment, and specially a technological one, has risks. Whether it's trading risk, or security risks, we are determined to be proactive, and up to date.


Meet the experts

Our Cryptocurrency experts come from businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Scott Lantow is responsible for Newsletter and news research operations as well as technical. Also, personal customer crypto functions assistance, and technical/fundamental analysis explanation.

Aaron Lynde is responsible for customer relations and support. He also handles audio operations.

Ben Kirkland is responsible for web development and video production. Also crypto functions assistance.

Justin Wise is responsible for one-on-one Crypto management assistance, and technical/fundamental analysis. Also, he is our resident writer.

Brody Stull is responsible for social media operations and day trading expert.

All members are quite well rounded in knowledge, and capabilities. Feel free to join the free chat to get to know us!