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We have an active and growing community passionate about Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing. We're committed to being early adopters of this revolutionary financial innovation. Our team brings you all the latest news, market updates, trading strategies, and insights on a daily basis. Our community is open and friendly, and we look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

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It's very important to plan ahead, we use the Cracking Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy to analyze for trade setups, establish a trade plan, and prepare for execution.

We created our community because of a lack of consistent and concise education and mentoring in the Cryptocurrency space. Our team possesses a unique and effective method of communicating. This allows us to offer superior explanations on everything from trading strategies to overall trading mindset.

The Discord chat is the main place for instant interaction with up to date news, trade setups, free and premium signals, live day trading voice and chat, and more! We are a no pressure Premium Trading Group, and believe our results speak for themselves. Come join us in the free chat, ask some questions, and see how we can help you enhance your trading skills and strategy!

We love to be useful! Whether it's a simple 'how to' getting an exchange account setup, execute a trade, setup a bitcoin or other altcoin wallet, or figure out the right mindset for a trade, we offer 1 on 1 free and premium services to help make sure you're backed up, safe, and profitable.

Part of a strong community, is working together. We enjoy answering any and all questions possible. We believe in learning from everyone!

Our team studies the charts day and night, well, because Crypto is open 24/7! We have years of experience, we love to share what we have learned.

We work with our subscribers and free chat members to make sure your Crypto trading and investment questions are answered. 

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Our publications offering short, mid, and long term recommendations. This paired with our in depth explanations and guidance is key to a full service solution.

We believe in communication being an important part of any relationship, this means offering many ways to stay informed, and connected.

This is truly our strongest element. Technical and Fundamental Analysis are our tools to build a profitable investment and trading strategy.

Every investment carries inherent risk. Whether it's trading account management or general cryptocurrency security, we are determined to be proactive and up to date.


Meet the Experts

Our staff is deeply knowledgeable in all aspects of the Cryptocurrency space. Whether it be underlying technology, social developments, trading and investment strategy, or business integration our experts are always two steps ahead of the news and the markets.

Justin Wise - Co-Founder, Lead Analyst, & Senior Mentor

Ben Kirkland - C-Founder, Lead Developer, & Systems Analyst

Scott Lantow - Co-Founder, Community Relations Manager, Technology Specialist, Livestream Producer

Alex Pearson - Technical Analyst & Mentor

"Fibonacci" - Technical Analyst

Adarsh Singh - Technical Analyst

Joseph Jankowski - Author & Contributor

Bruce Masters - Author & Contributer

"CryptoJack" - Privacy Advocate, Producer, & Lead Moderator

Jason Bauman - Junior Analyst, Producer, & "Bitcoin Weatherman"

Our members are quite well rounded in their knowledge and abilities. Feel free to join our Discord Community to get to know us!