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Our approach prioritizes honesty, transparency, and efficacy. You’ll benefit directly from our experts’ experience, insights, and mentorship.

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You’ll be part of a supportive community dedicated to mutual growth and success. This isn’t just a subscription, it’s a lifestyle.

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Trading Academy Courses

asynchronous learning progress tracking live discussion groups

Master your cryptocurrency trading education in our highly respected Trading Academy. Here, you'll have access to our flagship product, 'Pathways to Profit,' a comprehensive online course designed specifically for aspiring cryptocurrency traders. Step-by-step, you will learn how to build an objective strategy, backtest it to ensure profitability, and apply it in successful real-world trading situations. This educational program is perfect for those looking to establish a solid foundation in trading with a strong focus on strategy development. Click here to preview the curriculum.

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Group Mentoring Sessions

weekly collaborative sessions various crypto trading topics direct access to lead traders & analysts

Join our weekly Mentoring Sessions to level up your trading know-how and skills. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn from our experienced traders and analysts in a collaborative environment. Every week, we dive into a different aspect of cryptocurrency trading, offering our insights, answering questions, and helping you refine your trading strategy. These sessions offer a great way to gain valuable insights and accelerate learning.

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Alpha Community

network & connect with top traders discuss & share strategies online 24/7

Our Alpha Community is invaluable for anyone serious about trading. With so many chains, coins, and ways to make money in this market, it's impossible for one trader to stay on top of everything. This is the beauty of our Alpha Community. Here, you can connect, share insights, and discuss strategies with top traders. We foster a rich environment of learning and knowledge-seeking, where you can discover new alpha opportunities and learn from the experiences of successful traders. It's a perfect environment for networking and building relationships vital in navigating the crypto markets.

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Technical Indicator Suite

custom momentum oscillators base line indicator quadrigo atr

All members gain access to our 'Technical Indicator Suite,' packed with exclusive tools to enhance your trading experience. Feating custom Momentum Oscillators like Mynx, Parallox, and Time Transformation, these indicators help you assess the current trend's strength and pinpoint potential reversal zones. The Base Line indicator allows you to determine the trend at a glance, while Quadrigo ATR supplies instant Take Profit and Stop Loss levels based on current market volatility. These tools sell individually at a premium but are included with your subscription for no extra cost. Ideal for traders looking to gain an edge in market analysis and decision-making.

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Automated Strategies

ssdema bottom feeder waddah attar explosion

Our Automated Strategies will elevate your trading game. With SSDEMA, a higher frequency trend scalper, Bottom Feeder, which captures significant reversals on higher time frames, and Waddah Attar Explosion to detect moves across different chart intervals, these strategies automate the trading process, allowing you to focus on your education and strategy building. Ideal for traders looking to leverage automation.

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Weekly Market Updates

latest trends & hottest coins stay informed & ready delivered 1-3x/week

Stay ahead of the curve with our Weekly Market Updates. Delivered 1-3 times per week, we keep you up to date on the latest trends, highlight the hottest coins, and offer guidance on how to trade them effectively. Perfect for traders who want to keep their finger on the market's pulse, ensuring they're always informed and ready to make strategic decisions.

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Portfolio Access

alerts when lead analysts buy & sell see real-time decisions gain portfolio management skills

All members have access to our Lead Analyst's Portfolio and receive alerts whenever they buy or sell. This transparency allows you to see real-time decisions made by an experienced trader, a practical learning tool combined with insights into effective portfolio management. It is a great way to understand the reasoning behind positional trading decisions so you can begin to apply these methods to your own investing strategy.

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Tactical Trade Signals

identify high-reward trades actionable opportunities delivered 1-2x/week

We provide high-quality 'Tactical Trade Signals' 1-2 times weekly whenever promising setups are identified. These signals are the result of meticulous analysis aimed at identifying potential high-reward trades with managed risk. Perfect for complementing your developing trading strategy in the Academy, these signals offer actionable opportunities to take trades with confidence.

trading academy reviews

What our traders are saying

About 2 weeks into Premium Plus. Will update this at the end of my subscription and a month after. Buying Plus was probably the best decision I’ve made, if you’re like me and a small investor/trader and I mean small like around $100 then I’m sure you might be worried about spending a lot on premium but I can tell you from my experience so far it has been 100% worth every penny in my opinion. The Pathway to profits course has taught me a lot and helped me gain knowledge that I’ll be able to keep with me for the rest of my trading career. Before , I would buy any coin that looked like it was going up or green and put my hopes into rumours; which ultimately lost me money and got my account liquidated. The CC team has been very helpful and answered any questions I have and helped me when stuck. I will be sure to update you on how everything goes after using all that I have learned and my progress.After 1 month PLUS subscription :Using my finished strategy now and it’s working really well. Just need to work on the psychological side now and not pull myself out of trades for no reason. Results so far have been good. Now trading with over $1.5k , used the PTP course to help with my entries for when I HODL too so that’s worked really nicely Would highly recommend.

Siege 4 Dayz

I've spent weeks trying to find some usable resources on (crypto) trading. Everywhere I went was either advice I've already heard countless times (RSI, Bollinger Bands, S/R, etc.) or very very obvious get rich quick scams. So when I came across Cracking Crypto I was already skeptical as you can imagine. But the 7 day money back guarantee on the basic plan + the TradingView indicators were reason enough for me to give it a shot. I had already made some profits off of trading so I figure worst case scenario I'm back to my starting balance. Then I watched the first Pathway to Profit video you get on the basic plan. And holy crap did it blow my mind. No talk about big gains in small periods of time, no talk about basic indicators, only cold hard truth, and you even took the words right out of my brain when you said "most people start with these basic indicators, it doesn't work for them, they get frustrated and quit" as exactly that happened to me the first time I started. But what really got me hooked was when you took basic indicators like the RSI and applied it in a totally different way. That's the sort of creative thinking I was missing from all the other "gurus" out there. After that first video, I IMMEDIATELY cancelled the basic plan and went straight to plus so I could go through the complete guide. Learned several orders of magnitude more in this short time span than I did during weeks trying to piece things together from other sources. And I love the no bs attitude you have. If that wasn't enough, the TradingView indicators you provide are an absolute godsend. Honestly worth the monthly payment JUST for the indicators if you ask me.


Hey Justin. I just wanted to let you know that I'm incredibly appreciate of your work. It's been a journey with ups and downs (as I think all traders have to go through this), but I've gotten to a point where I finally have multiple systems that are effective on multiple time frames and multiple asset classes. And it's incredible how with these systems I've been able to be completely unemotional while seeing bigger and bigger red and green (way more green now) dollar signs on a screen, because I know the system works based on my testing, but more importantly, based on my results. It's a liberating feeling. And overall, I just want you to know your systems based strategy teaching has fundamentally changed my life. My career I've spent so much time in school for is actually becoming optional. In the last 6 months I've made more money on my leveraged trading than I have being an orthodontist. And this is not just because crypto is in a bull market, because my trading has been doing fantastic in forex and traditional equity markets as well. So yeah. You changed my life. Thanks a ton man. I wish you all the best.


So when I joined I kicked up a stink, because I ended up paying annually, instead of monthly. Instead of speaking to the team, I panicked and went to paypal to blame the team. However, no fuss, refund complete. Feeling bad, and embarrassed, I rejoined using the monthly option. Guess what? No bad blood, no snidey remarks. Nothing but helpful responses. The team answer all your questions. I have been learning for 6 months, and their course is an eye opener. After 6 months solo learning, I enrolled on this course and it has made me realise there is a whole new world out there, I don't know jack s*** yet. Just 2 days on the course and I have learned so much. Like I have mentioned, its not just one guy, but a whole team who are available to help. On top of that other members are very helpful too. For someone who is not on their level, nobody looks down on you, instead they point you in the right direction, the right materials and resources. I honestly joined for the signals, everything else was meant to be a bonus. Right now everything else is what I need and the signals are just a bonus. I keep asking questions, they keep answering. UPDATE: Learning some real pro level stuff here. This stuff is unbelievable. Highly recommend the premium plus, and if you have any background in programming... Your fortune awaits.

FVG Wizards

For those of you considering joining, this is by FAR the best crypto community if your goal is to trade profitably long term. This is NOT a signals or a pump and dump group - it's a community focused on educating you so that you can build your own trading system and learn a life-long skill i.e. the Pathways to Profit (PTP) system. It's all about consistency and risk management and this is what the group drill into you as you learn to build your system, backtest it and eventually implement live. Over the last 3 months with Cracking Crypto I've learned: proper risk management to avoid being wiped out, how to and when to hedge when times are rough, not to buy the first dip and keep dry powder for the real dips, to build and backtest my own profitable system, and most importantly, to be patient, trust my system and remove any emotion from my trades (or try to at least!). Even though I've gone through the course and have already built my system, there's so much more to learn from Alex, Alex from the past and Jason so I'll be renewing my membership indefinitely. I used to panic over dips and pull backs - now I profit from it 🥳


One thing I am really grateful I ever did is to have wanted to listen to a discussion around an ethical issue on the off-chance on the CC YouTube channel. They help demystify the crypto space and with their effort of disseminating knowledge of the crypto blockchain, I have completely rewired my understanding of crypto and saved myself from wasting time and falling into many traps. I have learned how to keep my head above water trading and really, I have gained so much that I feel I ought to dedicate more time and effort to expand my understanding of this space.


Just a quick one to sincerely thank @[CC] Justin Wise @[CC] Ben Kirkland and the whole CC team. Even though I only have a small account, @[CC] Justin Wise has always taken time to personally help and encourage me on my trading journey and this means a lot. Over 3 years I've made the usually mistakes, never blown out an account, but been traumatized by the usual stuff. Learning PTP and Risk management has made huge difference in being able to sleep at night and I'm very grateful. Thanks guys again for all you do!!


Just need to give a big shout out to EpistemiCrisis! I was in a terrible spot on a trade I messed up on and his mentoring and guidance is saving my trade (cutting losses) immensely. Grateful to have him on Justin Wise's mentoring crew! Thanks to everyone else for their help today too! I would have had no idea what to do without your help!


Been a few months since i was a premium member but i would like to thank you for the training in how to mamage my accounts made money on shorts but proper hedge techniques have truly helped me keep a level head thru this carnage CT is full of people completely devistated by this dump the level headed and disciplined approach to the markets have rubbed off on me in a major way the physiological mind set im experiencing rn stems from cracking crypto its really a empowering feeling just wanted to drop a shoutout


honestly my first testimonial wasnt enough credit like this server helped me every single time I was stuck or did not understand jargen or charts I was able to come to the Technical Analysis channel or Market Analysis to get what I needed to go and google/research what I needed for the answer my damn head wanted. Once you have a source like this trust me you're golden, it is getting more rare to find these gems so as long as you are here you should stay or get your body on the dance floor now. The analysis here are extremally DEDICATED to giving trustful sources and providing insider information and even their own knowledge on Crypto is more valuable than you can imagine.... the fact you dont need to go digging for on the internet just to find first of all the worst sources to fill your thought process with, and every other thing BUT what you needed. Saved A LOT of time.


Gonna brag here... I made it to the top of the the master trading page on bybit. #1 spot. Not even a close 2nd. Partly because of cracking crypto that got me there! Thanks alot for teaching us how to fish.


I don't even want add-ons, I want to pay you guys!!! You have given me a career!!! You have changed my freaking life!!! Currently just trying to get 5K saved up to go full time on trading! Using your check once a day method in the meantime!


Here since 2.5k subs! Good to see the numbers grow as this is the gem of trading shows!

Crypto Caveman

I feel i have gained so much in my time here, its only best to let others know, how since joining the group, it has massively improved my understanding and learning of trading. As with some, I got into Crypto before really knowing anything about trading or how best to trade and invest into Cryptocurrency's. I joined the group about 5months ago, without any knowledge on how to trade, only how to not trade based on poor education material out there covering a mixture of systems with no real direction in how to make sense of any of it in order to create a trading system. The way Justin and the Team have created a learning system is just a breath of fresh air to any new or even experienced trader.


The course work is exceptional and clearly laid out. Im not saying its a quick fix system, its a system for life that is taught. A system of tools and processes in which to follow to then build a working trading system, which can be tested proven and quantifiable. It does take work to learn specially for a new trader, but you very quickly can see all the areas you need to develop skills and practice to gain the skills to use this for the rest of your life. Doesn't matter if the markets change you adjust your system to suit with your tools. The team is always very contactable, supportive on your bad days and is a friendly positive learning community.


What a $%^#ing month, I'm actually seeing my portfolio improve every day guys, this is *#&$ing crazy, I can't get every call, but this has been amazing. My lifetime sub has already been paid off. Thanks everyone, this is an amazing group.


I know I'm not a premium all star member etc, but I just wanted to let you know, even though I am only a small player in this market (<10K usd) i was able to make 25% profit on my wallet thanks to your indicators mostly, and of course those being backed by your signals. Keep up this amazing work! Even though I am a small player, and 150 usd is quite a lot for me, I have earned the membership for several months in just a week being a member of your training material and indicators (I LOVE mynx+baseline+WAE combo).


Started the premium course just last week and learnt so much already. Would highly recommend.

Dubitat E.

These guys go from strength to strength with a talented team and high quality technical skills, Insightful and well produced crypto analysis and I believe a leading voice on how to learn. I am also experienced enough to know what I dont know. So as I’m interested in crypto, it is great to be able to benefit from the learning resources and structure Justin and his team have worked hard to develop.

Phil C.

The team at Cracking Crypto is top notch! They have such a passion for education and best practices that look to put the trader in a sustainable, consistently profitable position by sharing their experience and wisdom. The community is always sharing ideas and is very open and welcoming! Justin Wise is definitely named appropriately. Keep up the great work, and to anyone curious about joining in the group, you would do yourself a great disservice by not joining!

J Fizzle

One of the most affordable and comprehensive trading systems and education services available. I was lost in my trading and the guys over at Cracking Cryptocurrency rreally helped me start to turn it around and find the light at the end of the tunnel. I never thought creating my own PTP system would be this rewarding! I bought the 3 month PTP premium plan and it has already paid for itself with one month to go! If there were an otion for 10 stars id give it to them!

Adrian R.

Best group around. Lots of mentors and activity on the channels. Tons of material to learn from too. Proprietary indicators, tracking journal, risk management and strategies, all back tested and result oriented.

Andre L.

Very professional and talented educators. I learnt to trade with confidence and safety. Highly recommend.

Jack A.

I have learned so much about trading since joining the community 6 months ago. The team really strive for the community to succeed. Teaching risk management, position sizing etc and along with their custom signals they teach you to develop your own strategy to get an edge on the market. The strategy you develop here can also be utilized on the forex and the equities markets. There is a tonne of quality learning material to get stuck into. New material released constantly. The team and the community are always there to lend you a hand, whether it is a technical question or if just to support you through your trading career. They'll teach you to be the best trader you can be and you'll be turning profit in no time. Love these guys!!

Craig B.

I had been tracking the Crypto market for several years, but when I decided to become a day trader, I did a lot of research to find the right source for education and support. I eventually found Cracking Cryptocurrency about 9 months ago and have never looked back! The learning resources are sometimes a bit overwhelming, but totally necessary because this field is so complex. Their knowledge, background, and experience has allowed me to move ahead at a steady pace and stay focused to becoming a trader. A day without Justin is akin to a day without sunshine! Thanks to the entire team at Cracking Cryptocurrency for their commitment and dedication!

Larry Z.

100% TOP-SHELF company! One of the ONLY that teaches you to devise your own system vs trading off of generic "signals"! Truly a gem in this age of scammer and degenerates! Cant say enough good things about Justin AND the group he's put together. Want to earn...THIS IS the place to be!


Love, love, love C.C. Not just signals, you are taught how to develop your own tested, profitable system. You are also given tools necessary to do just that. I originally subscribed for 3 months and just took another sub as they are continually adding more content.

Ron L.

Justin is a top notch trader, knowledgeable + genuine interest to help other traders. He puts the money where his mouth is every single day. I can't recommend the course enough.

Ivan D.

Best team approach to creating trading strategies, with sound risk mgt principles. A lot of other channels talk about EMAs, SMAs, chart patterns and other cookie cutter stuff, but this community helps one build a lifelong system.

Challenged Investor

This is the most valuable group I have paid for, i have tried 2 others, and let me tell you, this one has made me more money than anyone else, Justin is extremely professional, discipline and that is extremely valuable, I love the system they have created, it is very reliable unlike the others that are extremely difficult and confusing. I feel very lucky to have found this team, and I will be forever loyal to them. Now lets get this crypto!


My trading account would have been 50% larger if I put my sub money there. It also would have been 50% larger if I had not traded before I signed up for Justin's service. Spend the money, C.C. is one of the things for which money was created. I'm a slow learner, so I'll probably be renewing for a longgg time, and I expect that I will continue to be fully satisfied with my decision to invest in my education through C.C.

Ron Legato

Hi again Justin! I am messaging you now to let you know how happy I am now because of what you taught us. That system that I once left before is very profitable, now that I stick to it and never be afraid whenever the market goes another way. I am also following some of your take profit strategies and also using the baseline for signals. I already have an edge on this market thanks to you sir!! And oh, please continue to inspire and teach more people. You are not only teaching them but you are guiding them. God bless you and your family sir!


The indicators are awesome, but what I'm most thankful for is you teaching how to create a system that's consistent... a lot of people give you tools, but don't teach you how to use them properly.


I've been part of 4 paid groups and this one 'trumps' (excuse the pun, im a Kiwi, can't help it!) them all. The learning here has helped me massively, this whole week I have traded in the green...which is a first in a long time. The calls are on point, the people are great, daily YT vids are extremely educational and the VIP calls you guys do are so beneficial. Haven't had anything like this from the other groups. May it continue for many 'moons' to come!


I lost 90% of my portfolio because of reckless trading, I was told to check out Cracking Crypto, and because of your tireless work, gentlemen, I am almost back to my previous portfolio size before I %^#$ed it up... I just wanted to say thank you! That is right, only 5-6 months, and I'm almost back, the future is bright!

trading academy faq

Frequently asked questions

How much time will this take?

We have designed our course material to instruct new traders on how to incorporate trading into their daily lives. We advocate a method of trading that only requires 30-45 minutes per day once mastered. Although we have many services for more active traders, our primary strategy is one that can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle or level of activity and scaled up or down to suit your personal needs.

Our community is active all day and night, from all corners of the globe so whatever time zone you’re registering from you will be able to connect with a group of peers to assist you. Our educational material in our Trading Academy is available on-demand and can be digested at your leisure as you patiently learn to build your own trading strategy.

If you wish to take advantage of our Trading Alerts & Signals, this is easily done to help with your transition into trading.

How much money will I make?

Our Lead and Senior Analysts boast an impressive history of trading results. You can view all of our historical monthly results here.

While we cannot guarantee your returns what we can guarantee is that our entire team is committed to investing you with the best tools, signals, education, and support community possible to accelerate your growth to consistently profitable trading.

Our team has beaten the performance of traditional index funds, strategies, and Buy and Hold returns on nearly every asset class, and we continue to grow and add more features and services every day.

What kind of experience do I need to get started?

Our services cater to both novices and experienced traders alike. We have resources that can help guide beginners from the ground up and refine the skills of more experienced traders.

How do the Tactical Trading Signals work?

Our team of professional traders post the trades they’re making in real-time. This allows our clients to see and potentially replicate the strategies of experienced traders.

What kind of support can I expect as a member?

Our members have access to 24/7 live chat and email support for any inquiries or issues that may arise. You will also have the opportunity for group mentoring once a week and one-on-one mentoring with an analyst by request.

How transparent is your company about its trading results?

Transparency is one of our core principles. We publicly display our Trade Results here, including both current trades and historical results. We stand by our calls, our words, and our ethics.

How long has your company been in business?

We’ve been in business since 2017, and we strive to be the best Trading Group and educational resource provider in the cryptocurrency space.