Have you struggled to achieve consistent profits with your trading strategy?

Are you tired of navigating the markets alone?

Are you disappointed by the signals from Crypto Twitter and Telegram?

Do you struggle with reading the charts, risk management, or discipline?

Are you interested in learning from a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who practice an optimized, no-nonsense approach to profitability?

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a program that has distilled decades of market experience into a clearly defined path to consistently profitable trading?

If you answered yes to any of these, the Cracking Cryptocurrency Trading Academy is the solution!

Our Trading Academy focuses on the skills you'll need to trade profitably for a lifetime. We guide our members through strategy creation, objective analysis, risk management, emotional discipline, risk management, and trade psychology. Our streamlined programs will guide you through the process of creating a personalized trading system that's uniquely suited to your individual trading style and goals. Our mentors, analysts and community of traders will foster your growth every step of the way to help you meet your goals.

Our educational materials include our legendary Pathways to Profit Course, a technical guide to strategy creation to help you build your own objective trading system. Alternatively, we offer our Modified Pathways to Profit Course, a new offering that focuses on the strategy creation process from a different perspective. Both are equally effective and powerful in reaching your goal of building a successful trading system that relies on objective data and removes the need for subjectivity. However, a robust technical strategy is not all an aspiring trader will need to master the markets.

To that end, we offer additional content on Risk Management, where we teach our students how to preserve their capital more effectively, so they can handle market conditions less conducive to their trading system. Strategy Building in Pine Script, where we take a deep dive into TradingView's proprietary scripting language Pine for the purposes of creating automated strategy testers. Emotional Discipline, where we walk through how to maintain one's composure and objectivity in the face of natural human emotions like fear, greed, or anger that inevitably arise when money is on the line. Investment Psychology, where we walk through the facets of becoming a successful long-term investor. Finally, our Technical Analysis course walks our students through the basics of how to read a chart. From support and resistance, market structure, volume, and confirmation, our students learn what moves the markets.

Trading Academy Courses

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Pathways to Profit

Pathways to Profit

Strategy Creation Course

We specialize in taking both novice and experienced traders alike to the next level of profitability by providing them with the education and resources needed to create their own unique trading system and empower them with the tools to implement it correctly. Pathways to Profit clearly outlines technical strategy building by breaking it down to its base elements. The course of progressively implemented educational material guides you through building your custom strategy from the ground up. Once you’ve completed the coursework and thoroughly tested your strategy you will never need to rely on anyone else again. You’ll understand how to use technical indicators and generate a statistical edge in the market, turning the odds in your favor so you can trade with confidence and conviction!

You’ll learn the seven different tools you’ll need to create a robust PTP trading system. This course is broken down into individual guides explaining what each tools purpose is, how to find one, test one, and properly utilize it in conjunction with the rest of your system. Complete with exams, text guides, and video walkthroughs, our instructors guide you through every step of the process. This course was designed for those with no experience in programming or coding and all testing procedures can be done manually with pen and paper and the chart of your choice. It is equally effective on all market types because it relies on the most common statistical edge found in financial markets.

Modified Pathways to Profit

Strategy Creation Course

Through our years of building successful strategies and our experience in mentoring our students in the Pathways to Profit Discipline, we have developed an alternative but equally robust approach to strategy creation. This modified approach places different emphasis on different aspects of one's strategy and the order of what tools are incorporated and optimized first. While this method can be done manually just as our classic Pathways to Profit system, for those who have some experience in coding, or have a desire to learn, it offers exciting opportunities for algorithmic optimization. For those who wish to take this approach we will be working in TradingView's Strategy Tester to create some amazing trading systems that can be optimized with ease.

Strategy Building in Pine Script

Although a background in coding is absolutely not a requirement to effectively go through any of our courses, the opportunities available to those with the skill and desire to learn cannot be understated. Learning how to build a robust strategy programatically gives you greater control over the finer details of your strategy and provides more options and flexibility. While there are many different programming languages that one can effectively write a trading strategy in, we focus on TradingView's proprietary scripting language Pine Script, native to the TradingView platform.

We focus primarily on concepts related to strategy creation, however we cover vital concepts that will be useful to any aspirations in Pine Script. These include how to plot your own indicators, write your own smoothing algorithm, determine your risk profile, modify indicator parameters, and much more. On top of this, we will teach you how to interpret the statistical data that the TradingView Strategy Tester produces so you can differentiate a winning strategy from a losing strategy.

Risk Management

Our years of experience in the markets have taught us that technical strategy is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to becoming a consistently profitable trader. True professionals know that the most important aspect of long-term profitability is risk management. We approach the concept of Risk Management with the philosophy of the poker table. That is, we focus on preserving our capital until the moments when the market is clearly turning in our favor and we have confirmation of our statistical edge before we increase risk. We trade conservatively, to capture consistent profits and reduce the negative effects of losing trades eating into our bank account. In this way, we're able to continue trading where others burn out until the market inevitably turns in our favor again.

In this program, we cover the philosophical concepts of Risk Management and why it's an essential part of your trading behavior, the statistics on position sizing, and specific methods and approaches to determine the correct position size for each trading scenario.

Emotional Discipline

Trading is not just a numbers game; it's an emotional one as well. At the end of the day every buy and every sell is conducted by a real person at the other end of the market. For someone to have a winning trade, someone has to have a losing trade. Both scenarios are very real outcomes for you as a trader, winning and losing, and both of these scenarios come with their emotional highs and lows. It can be elating to have a profitable winning trade, just as it can feel devastating to hit your stop loss for the third time in a row. Understanding these scenarios and having a plan for how to deal with the positive and negative emotions that will inevitably arise from trading financial markets is essential for a life-long strategy, because this is often where most traders meet their end.

Not only will you be a member of our supportive community, full of traders who have experience the same situations that you are going through, we also offer real education on avoiding and mitigating the negative effects these emotions can have on your trading performance.

Technical Analysis

A robust understanding of technical analysis is always an effective edge in the markets. Understanding market structure, volume, sentiment, and the mechanisms that move the markets behind the red and green candles can give you a higher degree of confidence and clarity. We instruct our members on all the fundamental concepts that will be beneficial to a successful trading career.