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Crypto Currently delivers a unique and candid sit down with some of the interesting and inspiring people in the crypto space. Enjoy our host Justin in a "Joe Rogan" style exploring the overall, and often intricate interwindings of many projects in the blockchain industry.


Latest Episodes

The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum: Interview with Samson Mow of Blockstream *SFBW 2019*

At last years #SFBW, Justin Wise sat down to speak with Blockstream's Samson Mow. In this interview the two discuss store-of-value and medium-of-exchange, criticisms of Ethereum and the promise of smart-contracts, privacy tech such as Monero, how the 2018 bear market helped spur development in the crypto space, the next…

Building an Anonymous Platform, How Do We Protect Privacy - Anastasia of Freedom Watch Interview

At SFBW 2019 I had a chance to sit down with Anastasia of Freedom Watch. They are a small team of developers working to build an anonymous free speech platform for sharing media.

Alex Gladstein - The Role of Bitcoin for Human Rights, Interview at San Francisco Blockchain Week

At #SFBW I had a chance to sit down with Alex Gladstein from the Human Rights Foundation. We talked about the impact Bitcoin will have on human rights in the modern era, the dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies, the need for privacy and hard money, and practical steps to…

Crypto Currently Interview Teaser: Silvio Micali Founder of Algorand! Decentralized Finance!

Be sure to check out the full length interview where Justin asks the best questions about what Algorand is, and what Mr. Silvio's goals are for Algorand!

How to build a better Blockchain - Silvio Micali - Founder of Algorand!

In today's Crypto Currently episode, Justin and the team were able to sit down with Silvio Micali, the founder of Algorand and recipient of the prestigious Turing Award for his work in computer science particularly cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs.

The Future of E-Commerce: Particl (PART) Interview at Crypto Economics Security Conference 2019

In this Crypto Currently episode, Lead Analyst Justin had a chance to speak with Kapil Amarasinghe, Ambassador for Particl (PART). This was a great opportunity to sit down with another innovative project in the cryptocurrency space, and was one of our favorite interviews to date. Even with two takes!