Hosted by Justin Wise

Crypto Currently delivers a unique and candid sit down with some of the interesting and inspiring people in the crypto space. Enjoy our host Justin in a "Joe Rogan" style exploring the overall, and often intricate interwindings of many projects in the blockchain industry.


Latest Episodes

Interview with John Ehlers, Legendary Analyst and Developer of MESA!

Justin Wise speaks with Dr. John Ehlers, the legendary analyst coming from the world of engineering and signal processing, who went on to a private career in professional trading, creating the famous MESA system, (mass entropy spectral dilation.)

Yonatan Sela Co-Founder of the Props Project on Rewarding Creators & Developers Equitably

From our SFBW'19 coverage, Justin Wise sat down to speak with Yonatan Sela, a co-founder of the New-York based Props Project.

Gehrig Kunz of Hedera Hashgraph at SFBW Talks Their Trusted, Enterprise-Ready Network!

At last years #SFBW, Gehrig Kunz joined Justin Wise in the booth for a one-on-one interview to talk about what Hedera Hashgraph offers in terms of an enterprise-grade distributed network solution, which uses their unique hashgraph structure rather than a blockchain-based distributed ledger.

SFBW'19 Interview w/ Enzo Villani of OKEx - Exchanges Role In Leading the Industry!

Back at last years #SFBW, Justin Wise sat down to speak with Enzo Villani who heads up International Strategy and Innovation at one of the biggest exchanges in the industry, the HK/Malta-based OKEx.

SFBW'19: Jude Nelson Discusses Distributed Systems, Digital Rights & Building with Blockstack

Jude Nelson PhD is one of the lead developers at Blockstack and sat down to speak with Justin Wise at last years #SFBW.

Justin Wise Interviews Chandra Duggirala of Portal @ SFBW'19

Chandra Duggirala of the cross-chain, zero-knowledge swap protocol Portal (, spoke with Justin Wise at #SFBW'19 on the topic of consumer-grade, trust-minimized exchanges of the future.

Gareth Mensah of Zilliqa at SFBW'19 on Scalability and Blockchains

At last years #SFBW, Justin Wise sat down to speak with Gareth Mensah of the Zilliqa blockchain, and what the high-throughput platform is working on, including enterprise and large scale operations.

Bitcoin Girl - Modern Dangers in the Digital Age: Naomi Brockwell Interview SFBW19

At last years #SFBW, Justin Wise sat down to speak with "Bitcoin Girl" Naomi Brockwell to talk crypto, privacy and security in the modern, digital age!

Joseph Abadi of #PrincetonEcon on the "Blockchain Trilemma" in Digital Record Keeping

At last years #SFBW, Joseph Abadi from #PrincetonEcon presented some intriguing ideas concerning what he calls the "Blockchain Trilemma", and the implications for securing the blockchains of the future.