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A comprehensive course in building successful trading strategies for cryptocurrency markets.

While prior market experience may be helpful, this course is designed for all: regardless of experience level.

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What You Will Learn

  • The Fundamentals of Financial Markets - with a specific emphasis on Cryptocurrency Markets.
  • The Fundamentals of Technical Analysis - how to identify profitable Trade Setups.
  • How to Properly Chart an Asset - constructing your own Trade Setups.
  • Initiation - how to find the perfect Trade Entry.
  • Confirmation - how to filter out false signals and market noise.
  • Volume Analysis - how to identify meaningful moments in the market.
  • Market Trends vs. Market Chop - how to identify the dominant direction at a glance.
  • Securing Your Profit - identifying the best moment to exit a trade.
  • Fail Safes - how to dramatically reduce the impact of losing trades.
  • Continuation Strategies - how to level up your position size and when.
  • Market Selection - selecting the best markets to apply your strategy too.
  • Daily Routine - a step-by-step guide for long-term trading success.
  • Taking It Live - a comprehensive how-to on taking your system live.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - an ever-growing list of support topics to maximize your success.

You will learn to build, step by step, an objective 'If This, Then That' trading strategy.

You will have the option to execute this strategy manually or via automation.

Throughout this course, you'll develop an optimized trade entry system, backtest historical data, optimize your strategy with proven methods, and create a plan for every situation in the market.

With a Pathways to Profit System, nothing is left to discretion.

Entries and exits and position sizing are all rule-based, along with all of our testing and optimization.

Are you tired of trading the markets without a plan?

Join Us On The Pathways To Profit!