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A comprehensive strategy creation process for building objective technical strategies for the purposes of trading financial markets. While prior market experience may be helpful when discussing certain topics, this process is also designed for those with no trading experience as well. Learn the components of the market, the aspects of technical analysis and charting, discover what metrics and levers move the market and learn how to develop a true edge in the market. In this course you will construct piece by piece a technical indicator based trading signal system, that can be traded manually or via automation. Learn how to develop an optimized entry into the market, back test historical and live data to improve your strategy and develop a plan for every situation in the market. With a Pathways to Profit System, nothing is left to discretion. Entries and exits as well as position sizing is all rule-based, along with all of our testing and optimization. Tired of trading the markets without a plan? Come join us on these Pathways to Profit.