Master Classes

Ready to go pro? Master Classes contain many lessons on advanced cryptocurrency trading and investing topics. Master reversals, futures markets, options, and more!

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1 modules, 3 lessons

Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing

Master Classes is an elite training series designed for cryptocurrency traders and investors who aim to elevate their market expertise. This course offers a collection of deep-dive video lessons on advanced trading and investing concepts. Dive into comprehensive modules covering futures markets, liquidations, fundamental and sentiment analysis, advanced technical analysis, options trading, and advanced trading strategies.

"The goal of a successful trader is not to make money but to trade well. Money is just a byproduct." - Mike Bellafiore

In this course, you will master complex trading techniques such as trading macro reversals, finding optimal options prices, understanding and utilizing the Average True Range indicator for volatility, profiting from decentralized finance (DeFi) markets, performing advanced volume analysis, identifying key market phases like accumulation and distribution, and mastering the nuances of open interest to enhance your trading decisions.

In this course, you'll learn:

Techniques to identify and capitalize on significant market reversals. 

Strategies for finding attractive options pricing and leveraging options for better risk management. 

Complex charting techniques and indicators beyond the basics. 

To master using the ATR indicator to gauge market volatility and set more effective stop-losses. 

Opportunities in decentralized finance markets and how to navigate and profit from them.

How to analyze volume trends and signals to make informed trading decisions. 

Insights on trading in futures markets and how to manage and anticipate liquidations. 

To analyze market fundamentals and sentiment to predict price movements accurately. 

To recognize the critical market phases of accumulation and distribution to anticipate potential market shifts.

How to analyze open interest data to confirm market trends and reversals, improving trades' timing and effectiveness.

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