Well it happen, 10k. Then, 19k. Almost 20k! This BTC run has been phenomenal, and continuously grown in a parabolic craziness surrounded by nothing but speculation and excitement.

This has been the last few months in my life at least. It actually started with Ethereum for me, but that's for another time. BTC has climbed more than any other currency or traded commodity known to man, and I cannot believe the time has come for a globally traded and decentralized solution to currency.


The last big dip was around 3k I believe, and this was about 2-3k. We could see it pull back to the 13k support, then level back between that and 16.8 resistance line.

So that being said, I am hear to speculate if this moment in time is the correction we have been waiting for. Bad for some, great for others. It will definitely allow for some new people to get into the market that thought the all time highs were a wee bit too much for the portfolio to play with. Only time will tell, but I'm watchin these alts get brought back to life!


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