Welcome to the Cracking Cryptocurrency Discord! Here is how to get the best experience out of using our free Discord server.


"Where is the Trading Channel and where are the FREE trading signals and other great resources?!"


Free trades will be posted under the "ANALYSIS AND SIGNALS" section from some of our analysts. 

There are four channels under this section:

The first is titled “trade-setups”, where we occasionally post a premium-trade set up for free, so be sure to check that channel every so often.

The second channel is titled “midwest-trades”, where our analyst Midwest Attempts regularly provides FREE trade setups.

The third channel is titled “trunkers-lair”, where our analyst Trunker provides FREE trade setups.

The fourth channel is titled “fibonacci-thoughts”, where our analyst Fibonacci provides FREE trade setups.




To discuss trades and be ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY, check under the "COMMUNITY" section and feel free to discuss trades in the "general-chat" and "technical-analysis" channels.

general-chat” is also a great place for any other questions you may have, or if you just want to eat popcorn and talk!

Also, for those who are into pine coding, we have a channel titled “pine-coding” under the community section for you to engage in and hope you enjoy 🙂

If you want to have LIVE voice chats with other members of the Discord, we also have a voice channel under the COMMUNITY section, titled, “General Chat” with no hyphen. Just be sure to go into channel titled, “AFK,” or to mute your mic if you step away from chat or have it on another tab.

We have an AMAZING meme channel, "meme-wars," filled with some of the best crypto memes around! Scroll through the myriad of great memes to get your rofl on or post your own if you find something worthy.


We have a “PREMIUM PREVIEW” section where we post delayed Premium content so you can see the types of trades you’ll be getting before you commit to a Premium Membership! If you decide to go Premium, you’ll receive all of the information shown under the “PREMIUM PREVIEW” channel in real time.

This preview will section will give you a sneak peak at Justin’s analysis under the “justin-analysis” channel, our lead senior analyst.

You’ll see Alex’s analysis as well, another one of our senior analyst channels, under the “alex-meditations” channel.

Previews of senior analyst Davinci’s content can be seen under the “davinci-analysis” section.

The “premium-info” channel, also found in this section, is where you’ll find all the information about Premium Membership and all of the benefits you’ll receive as a Premium Member. Message a Moderator (@moderator on discord) if you have any questions about getting started as a Premium Member, and feel free to ask any members in the Discord about their experience with premium.

There is a “testimonials” channel where members give real feedback about their experience of being a Premium Member.

Finally, the rubber meets the road in the “premium-results” channel, where you’ll see the ACTUAL RESULTS of all our trades (we win harder than Charlie Sheen…. yes, we’re WINNING). Please keep in mind it’s ultimately about HOW MUCH MONEY WE MAKE in the end that really matters. Meaning, you can lose a few trades and still be VERY PROFITABLE OVERALL by setting your trades up correctly (which we will teach you how to do as a Premium Member). It’s just up to you to follow the rules and learn what it takes to become a successful trader.


The section titled “IMPORTANT” is essentially your life-line to the livestreams, other information involving the show, major announcements for the Discord, and where you will find other important and relevant information about our community. 

Under this section we have the “announcements” channel, where we keep you updated on any issues with the show like where we will be streaming that day (we sometimes don’t stream on YouTube and will only stream on another one of our platforms that day due to technical issues), and other tidbits of information. So be sure to check that channel often so you’re up to date on current Discordian & Cracking Crypto events/topics/promotions etc!

Now this all seems incredible, but if there is something we could do better, please let us know! We have a channel called “suggestion-box” where you are free to leave comments and suggestions on how we can improve the Discord or anything else you think we can do better. Thank you for any suggestions and don’t be shy!

You can also report those annoying spammers in the “report-spam” channel. To do this, write a message in the chat (including the the spammers discord name and #) to @moderator and we will immediately solve the problem!

We have "referral-links" as well. If your friends start wondering where all of this trading money is coming from and want to get started, send them to our referral section and they’ll get perks on that service by using our referral link!

Are you hungry for more content? Under the “new-content” channel you’ll be updated on live-streams, occasional real-life meet-ups if our analyst are traveling, and more.


Now here’s the part where we sham-wow you and Billy-Mays you. This is already TOO much FREE stuff! But HI BILLY MAYS HERE!, AND WE HAVE MORE! (lol).

We have a ton more free resources under our “RESOURCES” section for you to take advantage of.

  • bot-spam” - brings up live charts for you with bot-commands
  • news-pulse” - gives you updates on the latest news we post
  • rektosaur-bot” - shows live liquidations of large positions on crypto futures exchanges
  • crypto-panic-news” - posts the hottest panic news
  • whale-alerts” - gives live updates on what the Whales are doing
  • bitmex-rekt” - shows a running live feed of bitmex-specific liquidations
  • coin-listings” - shows new coins being listed live on crypto-exchanges
  • pingbot” - gives LIVE technical alerts of volume & price changes of coins on exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, etc


Whew! I was dressed as Billy Mays and doing the Billy Mays voice the whole time writing that. I’m torched, Coach!

We have one last channel where you can see new members joining the Discord under the “RESOURCES” section, titled “welcomes”. Feel free to say hello to them in the chat and join in their excitement :-).


If you think we’re great, we have several partners you may be interested in checking out as well in our “PARTNERS IN CRYPTO” section.

See updates on partner projects x42, spectre-security, zerozed, and mmo-coin, all under "PARTNERS IN CRYPTO" section. We post news links, as well as project updates and other interesting information about these projects.


Finally, WATCH OUT FOR SCAMS!! We will never randomly send you free prizes, ask you to download anything or ask you to send any money/crypto in order to claim your “free” crypto. That said, if you've won a livestream giveaway (Justin gives away free crypto everyday on his livestream to a random commenter on the previous days video) direct message him on Discord at “Justin Wise#5696” to claim your prize!

If anyone sends you anything suspicious, be sure to screen-shot it, and post it in "report-spam" under "IMPORTANT” section and tag a moderator.


If you're not already a part of our community, we'd love to have you! Come join us today!


Welcome again to the Cracking Cryptocurrency Discord, and we hope you have an amazing experience! 🙂


Disclaimer: We at Cracking Cryptocurrency aren't providing financial advice! We are only sharing our PERSONAL trades for OUR accounts, and everything we share is only our personal experience; past performance does NOT indicate future performance! Don't risk what you care about in ANY way to lose! Be safe and we hope you enjoy your time here!

April 10, 2020


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