Oyster Shell (SHL) Airdrop Countdown

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Welcome to the only hand coded, constantly adjusted by network difficulty, and best estimated countdown for the Oyster Shell snapshot. Thank you for stopping by, and stay tuned to our channels for info on the Oyster Shell Airdrop!

/ 5,436,000 block

Snapshot Occurred At

Sat, 14 Apr 2018 00:06:24 GMT

Oyster Shell Mainnet is Live!

Oyster Pearl Insights & How To Claim Shell


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Where's an easy breakdown and insights?

Oyster Pearl, if succesful in execution, the internet's current revenue-making streams concerning advertisements could be completely revolutionized! Let's take an in-depth look at it's strengths, innovations, goals, and potential flaws.

You can check out the Oyster Shell Whitepaper as well as the Oyster Protocol Website.

What is the purpose of this airdrop?

  • The Oyster meshnet will allow for fully decentralized applications and connectivity.
  • Oyster Shells are the token that will be exchanged for access to this decentralized web.

Which wallets support SHL airdrop tokens?

  • Any wallet that that provides you with access to your own private keys will allow you to receive the airdrop.
  • It has been announced that anyone hodling PRL on KuCoin will receive the airdrop.
  • KuCoin is the ONLY authorized exchange. All other exchanges are blacklisted!
  • Anyone who holds Oyster Pearl (PRL) at the time of the snapshot will receive Oyster Shell (SHL) at a 1:1 ratio.

Airdrop Ratio 1:1

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