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Ethereum Constantinople Fork Countdown


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The Ethereum Fork upgrade of Constantinople & St. Petersburg is live! As stated in Lane's Tweet, everything appears to have worked well, and now things can move forward toward working on scaling solutions such as sharding and sidechains! I feel bad for the mainchain, who knew Ethereum had "2 phones"? HaHa

/ 7,280,000 block

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Feb-28-2019 07:52:04 PM +UTC


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Where's an easy breakdown and insights?

With the much anticipated Constantinople and St. Petersburg forks right around the corner, you might be wondering ... why is Ethereum forking twice?
When is the fork upgrade? The “fork” AKA Constantinople upgrade, is Ethereum’s next system-wide upgrade coming soon to a theater like node near you! The date for Ethereum’s long-awaited hard fork is approaching quickly

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