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The potential threat of a replay attack on the Callisto blockchain is real. Learn the one simple thing you have to do to mitigate the risk of a replay attack!

The SEC subpoenas 80 ICO companies and individuals. What are the ramifications for the larger crypto space?

The Marshall Islands declare their own cryptocurrency as their legal tender. Amazing news, time to celebrate mass adoption!

Let's look at some potential strategies you could have used leading up to the Bitcoin Private hardfork, and I'll tell you how I played the fork.

Finally, let's dispel some thoughts on the Callisto airdrop and talk about why IT IS a "smart ICO."


SEC & Subpoenas -

Bitcoin Private -

Marshall Islands -

Neema -

Just buy low, sell high. How hard could it be?


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*I'm not a financial adviser. The information here is for education purposes. Trading and investing are wonderful things to do, and it's OK to take advice and to learn. I'm glad you're here right now reading this, educating yourself. Don't take my word as the gospel, and be careful. All investment's and trading opportunities carry risk, I'm sure you reading this have the potential in you to profit from a careful trading plan, and wise investment choices. Do it right, do your research, and don't trade stupid. Very best of luck to you!*
March 9, 2018

ETC fork is already done
callisto still not received
snapshot done
what if i transfer or withdraw etc from my classic ethereum wallet
will i still receive callisto or will i b disqualified after withdrawal?

March 12, 2018

As long as you had your coin on the blockchain at snapshot, you should be eligible to claim the CLO tokens. You should be able to retrieve the CLO tokens when the mainnet goes live, which was said to be March 23rd!

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