Risks of Self Hosting Bitwarden

Before we begin, an important disclaimer. Setting up a server and running your own password management software might not be secure. When you use LastPass, they are responsible for your data and security. They employ a team of engineers and server architects to keep their servers safe and restrict unauthorized access.

If you want to take your data and security into your own hands, you will be responsible. That means staying up to date on maintaining and securing a server, understanding new attack vectors, and continuously striving to improve and upgrade the security of your system.

Well, darn Justin, why don’t we use a third-party service like Last Pass?

You certainly can. For most individuals, it’s probably the best option. 

But I’m here to give you options and to empower you to take control of yet another aspect of your life that you DONT have to outsource to another company.

I’m a long-term believer and holder of Bitcoin. I self-custody my private keys and keep my Bitcoin in cold storage. That comes with risks: I could lose my private keys, have my hardware wallet stolen, or lose my data due to bit rot. But I don’t just have risk; I have power.

Power over my data, my security. 

If you want to become more powerful, join me on this journey.