Why System Updates For Your Ubuntu Server Are Important

System updates are essential for keeping your Ubuntu server secure and running efficiently. Regular updates ensure that any security vulnerabilities or bugs that have been identified and patched by the development teams are promptly applied to your system.

By keeping your system up-to-date, you can reduce the risk of malicious attacks or data breaches, as well as ensure that your system is running with the latest performance enhancements. As an added bonus, staying up-to-date with system updates will also help to keep your server running smoothly and efficiently.

How To Update Your Ubuntu Server

From your Command Line Interface, copy and paste the following code. This will update your Ubuntu Operating System to the current version.

apt update && apt upgrade
This process may take a few minutes.
You may be prompted to approve the download and installation of updates. If prompted, simply type 'y' into the command line and hit enter.
You may be prompted with the notification that your kernel is out of date. Hit enter on this screen. It will update when we restart the system in a minute.
If you receive the previous kernel notification, you'll be prompted to restart packages. Just hit 'Tab' until <ok> is highlighted and hit enter.
Once all the updates have been completed, don't restart just yet. We have a few more things to do before that.