Well, I'm proud of you!

That was a long tutorial, and for many of you new to servers or code, that was probably challenging.

But you did it! You made it to the end.

If you're reading this and you've completed these steps, I want you to give yourself a massive pat on the back.

You've taken a big step forward in securing your sensitive information using open-source technology.

Security Best Practices With Bitwarden Unified

Before we part ways, a few closing thoughts.

Don't get lazy with your server. While all of this might have been challenging and new, I want to remind you that we're in a new digital age now. It's dangerous to be undereducated about properly securing a server and handling your own data.

You have a fantastic jumping-off point to dive into the world of cyber security and computer science.

Don't stop with a  Bitwarden server; let your curiosity propel you to learn and do things you never thought you could.

You have all the power and ability within you! Just put one step in front of the other, and who knows where you could be next?

Make sure to keep your Master Password safe and secure. Don't ever store it in the cloud, plaintext file, or e-mail or message it to yourself. Just don't.

Your server will only be as secure as your weakest point. So don't let convenience supplant your common sense.

Next Steps

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Until next time, stay safe, and be good to other people.

-Justin Wise