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The Bitcoin Crashening: What You Need To Know and The Saga of Chainlink!?

Bitcoin retraces, looking at the technicals of crypto market, traditional stocks, e-minis, commodities, forex, the catalyst for the bull market, Thomas Lee on BTC volatility, Edward Snowden uses BTC, and your chart requests

Hosted by Justin Wise

The Breaking Bitcoin Podcast delivers everything you need to know about the Cryptocurrency markets each day. Keep up with the latest Crypto news, fresh Bitcoin & Altcoin market updates, pro trader sentiment analysis, as well as how to have a true profitable traders mentality! Follow our host Justin Wise as he traverses these wild Cryptocurrency markets; providing daily concise lessons so you can learn how to trade Cryptocurrency profitably with his Pathways To Profit trading strategy!

Records live Monday - Friday at 12:00PM CST | 18:00 UTC

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Opening 2:50
Today's Crypto Comment Giveaway 6:24
Money Management - Emotional Discipline - Sticking to Your Strategy in Frothy Markets 8:20
Bitcoin Analysis and Trading Strategy 20:00
Ethereum Analysis and Trading Strategy 39:10
Why Reversals Should NOT Be Your Primary Strategy 47:15
Bitcoin Historical Volatility Analysis and Strategy 53:40
Traditional Markets - Indices and E-Minis 1:11:15
Commodities - Metals - Oil 1:13:45
Forex Market Analysis and Trading Strategy 1:18:25
The True Catalyst Behind the Bull Market 1:21:25
Thomas Lee on Bitcoin Volatility 1:23:45
Edward Snowden Uses Bitcoin as Enemy of the State 1:24:55
47% of Crypto Traders Hold Mostly Altcoins 1:25:50
The Saga of Chainlink: From 4Chan to 4Ever 1:29:42
Florida Remains Hostage to Bitcoin Ransomware Attacks 1:32:30
User Submitted Chart Requests
CMT/BTC - Daniel 1:43:50
REN/BTC - Daniel 1:36:50
OMG/BTC - Daniel 1:37:50
BCH/USD - Wayne Arndt 1:38:40
BAT/USDC 1:55:25
Signoff: 1:59:00

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