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Hey everybody! JayWiseFree here for Cracking Crypto, with our first video post!


Today we're going to be talking about NEO and GAS being added to Korean exchange Coinrail! We'll also be talking about the upcoming Ethereum Classic hardfork, SIX DAYS and Counting Down!

We'll also be doing brief technical and price analysis of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, as well as a SPECIAL TA on Ethereum Classic, to help people with my goals of a buy-in price for the upcoming hard fork. Let's profit off of this together!

As with all our Cracking Crypto videos, we'll also be doing EVERYTHING THAT'S AWESOME in the crypto space, and everything that sucks...:(.

This is a production of Cracking Crypto. Cracking Crypto is the #1 resource for the crypto currency trader & HODL'r! From casual interest, to active lifestyle, we've got you covered!

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