Justin W. 11:45 AM

Bitcoin Multi-Time Frame Analysis

BTC/USDT TradingView Idea

I highly recommend you guys review this analysis. I cover the weekly, 3 day, and daily time frames.

In addition to my overall market analysis, I'd like to advise you guys on some cautionary behavior right now.

Remember, that scheduled maintenance is a big deal. Tomorrow is a day that is RIPE for manipulation. Be very careful with your alt-coin trading over the next couple of days.

That maintenance starts at 9PM CST (my time). It will last eight hours and Binance will be live again at 5AM CST.

What does that mean for our trading? Well it can be a technically good thing for Bitcoin, as we can see a bounce if this support level holds. For altcoins, it generally means negativity. Make sure you guys take profit and lock in your gains, preserve all the hard profit we've worked hard to acquire so far this month. Stop losses are now compulsory.

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