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Is This Bitcoin's Swansong? The Countdown to Correction or Bull Market 2.0?

Bitcoin has largely paused in it's bearish descent over the last 12 hours, showing low volatility, lack of momentum, and the indecisiveness of a teenage me attempting to choose between Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. Are we witnessing Bitcoin's 2019 Swansong, and must we descend further into the belly of the beast before finding the chutzpah to rise again? Or is it possible, in the silver liniest of silver linings, that Valhalla is just over the next hill? In the midst of this turbulence, Venezuala makes a case for Bitcoin, we discuss the merits of central bank issues stable coins, we touch on Tom Lee, and is Ethereum the best model for money the world has ever seen? Find out in today's exciting episode of Breaking Bitcoin. Let's get cracking.

Hosted by Justin Wise

The Breaking Bitcoin Live Podcast delivers everything you need to know about the Cryptocurrency markets each day. The biggest news, fresh market updates, sentiment analysis, as well as how to have a true profitable traders mentality. Follow our host Justin Wise as he traverses these wild Cryptocurrency markets; Providing daily concise lessons so you can learn how to trade Cryptocurrency profitably with his Pathways To Profit trading strategy!

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Crypto Comment Giveaway Winner: A LoneRanger 0:03:35
Talking about Justin's New Indicator Parralox! 0:07:27
Bitcoin Analysis and Trading Strategy 0:12:09
Bitcoin Price $8k bounce... Article: Justin's Sentiments 0:44:43
Forex Market Analysis and Live Trading 1:05:27
Break Time 0:58:03
Back From Break 1:03:27
Venezuela's state oil firm wants to restore operations in BTC, ETH 1:24:32
ING Chief Economist claims central banks will embrace CBDC's in the coming years 1:33:01
New research bolsters claim institutions manipulating BTC price 1:39:30
Crypto News: Mastercard Announces New Blockchain Payment System, Square Hires More Bitcoin Developers. 1:43:43
Back To Bitcoin chart briefly 1:46:05
Adri: ​I don't know what is socialism. Is it possible to summarise it in few words or a concept? Thank you anyway 1:47:07
DarkRico: ​Justin can you briefly explain ADL on bybit, as im down to 1 x.2 on my 1xshort atm to keep out red 1:51:30
Mice Elf: ​What did you do for a living before you became a trader? 1:56:25
Signoff 1:59:16

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