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Mynx Premium Indicator

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Pathways to Profit Compliant Indicator

I designed this indicator to be congruent with the structure that you are learning in our Pathways to Profit Course, and optimized it to function within those boundaries. I want to thank you for being a member of our team and our community. If you have any questions about this indicator, the information contained within this description, or our group and community itself make sure to contact us in the Discord. Let's get started.

What is Mynx?

Mynx is a powerful trend-following indicator which logic built in to facilitate nuanced aspects of PTP strategy. Continuation Trades, Early Exit Signals and Full Take Profit Signals are all built into Mynx. Mynx is designed to identify when the market is signaling that a trend is beginning as well as signalling when you may safely re-enter into a pre-existing trend. It also tells you where to exit prematurely to avoid significant capital loss on a losing trade, and when to take full profit in order to get out of a position at maximum profitability.

All Premium Members will be granted access to this indicator, however should you have difficulty adding it you can search for 'Cracking' in the indicator window of your Trading View Platform, and it will appear along with the rest of our indicators.

As you will notice, Mynx is similar in nature to Time Transformation, in that it is both a Centered Oscillator and a Line Cross Indicator. This allows a wide range of possibilities which we will exploit to extract profit out of the market.

The most important line is the BPM or Mynx Line. This is going to be the thicker, brighter colored line on our indicator that will switch from green to red depending on the dominant trend. The color changing feature of this line will denote where our indicator is in relation to our zero line. If our BPM Line is green, then price is trading above our zero line, if red than it is trading below. Therefore we can quickly see what our last signal was, and whether our indicator is bullish or bearish depending upon the color of our BPM Line. If Green, we are in long territory, if red we are looking for shorts.

Our second area of importance in this indicator is our Noise Line and Area. This is the black or white line which will change color depending on where Noise is relative to our zero line. Black if above the zero line, meaning we are in long territory, and white if below, indicating we are in shorting territory. The area between the zero line and the Noise Line is shaded black or white as well, and denotes no-trade zones for us. If our BPM Line is within our Noise Area, we are not in a trade. We are only in a trade when our BPM Line is breaking away from Noise Line, either to the upside or the downside. When BPM curls back and re-enters our Noise Area, that is an indication to exit our position regardless of our Take Profits or Stop Losses.

Our Zero Line is indicated by a thick black line for easy of identification, which will be our primary signal generator when our BPM Line crosses above or below it, and our faint gray lines are going to be our Overbought and Oversold levels respectively. These will play a function in how we take profits.


Let's take a look at the settings of our Mynx Indicator.

The first field we will see is our BPM Source, how many beats per minute we want in our cycle length. The default is ten, and through back-testing I find this to be the optimum level.

Our Noise Filtration level corresponds to our Noise Line and Area. Again, I find the default settings as I have programmed them work best on all time frames, however you might find optimum signals by playing around with these settings. As in all things, nuance and experimentation is what excellence is borne of.

We can adjust our Oversold and Overbought Parameters, making it easier or harder for us to get a Full Take Profit Signal from this indicator. We can also adjust our Base Line. Keep in mind, our Base Line is going to be an Exponential Moving Average and here we can adjust the length of our desired Base Line.

To incorporate our Multi-Time Frame feature, below this section we can see that the default option will be to use a Base Line of the current time frame. If however, we want to trade on a Lower Time Frame and reference a base line of another time frame, we can simply un-check that box and input the desired Time Frame of the Base Line we wish to reference.

Now for the true appeal of Mynx in user friendliness, below this we can see that we have full control of the signals we want Mynx to generate for us. By default, we have enabled Mynx's best signals, Trending Signals. We can choose to plot Continuation Crosses and Reversals Within the Trend, both of which are trades we are allowed to take and I recommend taking in a proper PTP system. We can choose to use Mynx as a reversal indicator, to plot Raw Reversals against the trend, which I do not recommend enabling unless you want to by pass PTP entirely. We can choose to plot when Mynx gives us a Full Take Profit signal, a signal to take full profits on our position. We also have the option to plot for early exits. The Option for Sensitive Stop Loss is the same as early exits, and will plot an exit signal every time the BPM Line drifts back into the Noise Area. These are fairly easy to see upon bar closes, so I left it disabled by default. If you enable it you will get a visual signal to exit your position upon a bar close.

One final note, we can adjust the source upon which Mynx is basing her signals. By default, this value is hl2 , which I found in back-testing to be the most efficient with minimum draw down. However, there is a higher profit potential with HLC3 and OHLC4, but be warned that with that extra profit potential comes the risk of more draw down. The draw down settles out in the end, however there will be months where you drastically under perform Alpha, where as hl2 keeps you consistently outperforming the market at all times. This is a very personal choice, and I leave it upon you to make the right one.

In our Style Tab, we can adjust our Color Scheme to better accommodate the way that you trade. I have done my best to be very concise and detailed in labeling to make this task easy.


Full details of all the strategies for utilizing Mynx are available in the Premium Webinar Section of the Cracking Cryptocurrency Library.

Please let me know of your success stories with Mynx, as well as any features you think would be helpful to add. If you notice any errors within it, please notify me so I can fix them. I have back-tested this strategy many times in many different settings, and it consistently outperforms the market and generates Alpha. I now place it within your hands to achieve the same results. Trade Safely.