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A modern spin on a classic. John Ehlers' formulas helped transform a generation of traders from working with traditional indicators such as Stochastics and moving average filters to applying frequency and wave theory to their price chart analysis. There are few tools as powerful as Ehlers' Fisher Transform, which transforms the behavior of price in a Gaussian Distribution, or a Normal Probability Distribution. This allows us to attain a bell curve of price, with our outliers clearly and objectively identifiable as well as accurately indicate trend direction by bisecting our wave into peaks and troughs.

Features & Functions

Simple and Clean. Only the data you want, no unnecessary information cluttering your workflow.
Adjustable Sources. Select which data source you want to compile your data from from an easy drop-down menu.
Adjustable Triggers. Standard versions of the Fisher have been unable to innovate on the Trigger Line, a vital part of utilizing this to generate trade signals and setups. In this version, choose and adjust your own Trigger and Smoothing Filter based on tried and true implementations.
Adjustable Thresholds. Most versions of the Fisher do not truly allow the customization of the algorithm to suit the asset you are analyzing. All thresholds in this version are fully adjustable to customize this indicator to work for you, not against you.


To remain true to Ehlers' original vision of the Fisher Transform while providing traders a functional and efficient indicator with modern innovations and conveniences.