Base Line Premium Indicator

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Pathways to Profit Compliant Indicator

I designed this indicator to be congruent with the structure that you are learning in our Pathways to Profit Course, and optimized it to function within those boundaries. I want to thank you for being a member of our team and our community. If you have any questions about this indicator, the information contained within this description, or our group and community itself make sure to contact us in the Discord or via e-mail. Let's get started.

What is the Base Line?

The Base Line functions as a powerful filter to our primary and continuation signals. Members of the group and students of the Pathways to Profit Method are aware at how important it is to have a good base line. With this indicator, we aim to provide you the best method of testing multiple Base Lines to determine what will be the best variant to fit within your trading structure.

All Premium Members will be granted access to this indicator, however should you have difficulty adding it you can search for 'Cracking' in the indicator window of your Trading View Platform, and it will appear along with the rest of our indicators.

This indicator allows you to select many different iterations of moving averages. In the future, we will add more user-requested Base Lines such as donchian ( Ichimoku functions), Super Trend, and other iterations as well. Currently, you can select from over 10 iterations of the moving average. What makes this indicator different from others is these functions have been re-written, as most of the moving average iterations of things such as KAMA and DEMA for example, are mathematically incorrect as written by most Pine "Coders".


Let's take a look at the settings of our Base Line Indicator.

First, we can input the look back length we want for our moving average.

Then we can select what type of smoothing filter we would like to apply to our moving average, based upon the available options in the drop-down menu.

Finally, we can select the source of our moving average as well, from any indicator, or input option for maximum customization.


Full details of all the strategies for the Pathways to Profit Method are available in the Premium Webinar Section of the Cracking Cryptocurrency Library.

Please let me know of your success stories, as well as any features you think would be helpful to add. If you notice any errors within it, please notify me so I can fix them. A Base Line is one of the most important components to a trading structure, finding the right one is absolutely critical. Trade Safely.