One of the season's most significant Airdrop/Trading opportunities is upon us, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It’s time to make money from Arbitrum.

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It uses Optimistic Rollups, similar to Optimism (OP). 

Polygon (MATIC) is also very similar in use case. However, Polygon is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible side-chain instead of OP and ARB being rollups.

One of the most popular decentralized applications (DAPPs) runs on Arbitrum, that being GMX.

Arbitrum is airdropping their native token.

The official Airdrop is estimated to be Thursday, Mar 23, 2023 at 12:47:38 UTC, which is 6:47 AM, where I am in the mountains, and 8:47 AM on the Eastern Seaboard.

To see if you qualify for the Airdrop, go to and connect your wallet to see your eligibility.

How to Claim Your ARB Before Others

You can claim directly from that same link. However, you can claim directly from the contract before its listing/official airdrop. 

Here is the link to the contract address.

Simply hit connect to web3, claim, then write.

This method has yet to be made live, but this is the best way to claim your tokens earlier than anyone else and have them ready to sell on a centralized exchange. 

The Hype Is Real

After seeing the success of other launches like Optimism (OP) and Polygon (MATIC), the hype for this airdrop is real, and there is real money to be made here.

Current Over the Counter (OTC) trades are coming in with BIDS at 0.6-0.7 and ASKS between 1.2-1.4.

However, we can also look at Uniswap (UNI) and Polygon (MATIC) price evolutions to see serious potential for longer-term gains. This is excellent news for those who prefer to buy and hold.

Centralized Exchange Listings

We can likely expect a powerful movement from ARB’s drop due to centralized exchanges listing it. Binance is confirmed -

The exchange I’ll be using is ByBit, of course. Here is a detailed guide on how to claim and deposit your ARB tokens onto ByBit.

If you don’t have a ByBit account, you can sign up for one with the following link:

ByBit has, in total, a $400,000 prize pool for the event. 

The token will list about 13 minutes after the airdrop event.

Here is the official ByBit information for the airdrop.

You can also use KuCoin. They have officially confirmed they will be listing ARB and have a lot of prize pools for depositing ARB, trading ARB, etc. However, their total prize pool is smaller than ByBits.

Here is their official announcement with the details about the prize pools:

If you don’t have a KuCoin account, you can sign up here and benefit the community by using our Referral Code: or and use Referral Code 7RR1c3 

Their competition goes live today, so newly registered accounts after 7 PM EST on March 21 will be eligible for another $10,000 prize pool separate from the other prize pools. 

How To Trade It

I've written up a detailed guide on exactly how I'm trading $ARB.

It's available to members of my Premium Trading Group, where I coach traders on how to make life-changing money in the cryptocurrency markets through strategy and discipline.

Join us and make the markets work for you.

Additional Information

Great thread from @S4mmyeth -

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Good thread from MacnBTC on trading the ARB token launch -

@milesdeutscher -


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