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A Crypto Trading Plan

It's very important to plan ahead, we use the Cracking Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy to analyze for trade setups, establish a trade plan, and prepare for execution.

Trading Education

We created our community because of a lack of consistent and concise education and mentoring in the Cryptocurrency space. Our team possesses a unique and effective method of communicating. This allows us to offer superior explanations on everything from trading strategies to overall trading mindset.

Great Cryptocurrency Gatherings

The Discord chat is the main place for instant interaction with up to date news, trade setups, free and premium signals, live day trading voice and chat, and more! We are a no pressure Premium Trading Group, and believe our results speak for themselves. Come join us in the free chat, ask some questions, and see how we can help you enhance your trading skills and strategy!


We love to be useful! Whether it's a simple 'how to' getting an exchange account setup, execute a trade, setup a bitcoin or other altcoin wallet, or figure out the right mindset for a trade, we offer 1 on 1 free and premium services to help make sure you're backed up, safe, and profitable.


Part of a strong community, is working together. We enjoy answering any and all questions possible. We believe in learning from everyone!

Technical/Fundamental Analysis

Our team studies the charts day and night, well, because Crypto is open 24/7! We have years of experience and we love to share what we have learned.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring our subscribers' trading and investment knowledge is complete.

Meet the Team

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Justin Wise

Lead Analyst


Ben Kirkland

Chief Technology Officer



Alexander Pearson

Senior Analyst


Jonathan Fulcher




Spectre Security

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