Only in the world of cryptocurrency can money come raining down, almost effortlessly, on your head.

We say 'almost effortlessly' because it does require just a little bit of effort and knowledge to benefit from any airdrop you wish to take part in.

On March 11th, Tron will launch another round of BitTorrent token airdropping when 990,000,000 BTT is set to hit the wallets of TRX holders.

Here is the essential information you must know if you're planning to jump in on the airdrop action and stake some TRX before the BTT rainstorm begins

This time around, approximately 1 TRX will equate to 0.01 BTT. This ratio is about 10X less than the first time around when 1 TRX would give you 0.11 BTT (the earlier birds always benefit the most in crypto).

On February 11 of this year, 10.8 billion BTT was distributed to TRX holders.

The Tron Foundation was kind enough to provide an image detailing the exchanges and wallets where you can store your TRX while the airdrop is underway to receive the free tokens. Notes: As long as your TRX is on these exchanges or in one of these wallets listed below, you will not have to do anything to receive the BTT tokens.

It is as simple as that.

Tron And BitTorrent's Incentive Plan

Tron acquired the popular P2P file-sharing platform in June of last year and has taken on the challenge of broadening BTT's use cases while enriching and accelerating the development of BTT’s ecosystem.

“With our three new incentive programs, we aim to bring a new audience into the blockchain community and make this powerful technology accessible within products that people are using every day,” Founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun, is quoted as saying in a March 6 Medium post.  “What we are building will benefit a 1 billion computer installed base, businesses and active TRON and BTT users.”

BitTorrent has now set out with a three-step incentive program that will offer a partnership plan to all exchanges and wallets supporting BTT, amongst other things that yet to be announced.

While we won’t reveal additional details for a few more weeks, this new initiative will accelerate education efforts for BitTorrent users about blockchain technology, and it will facilitate access to the latest BitTorrent technology and TRON’s ecosystem.

Following the start of the BitTorrent User Incentive Program, we expect the number of TRX holders will increase, consolidating TRON position as a leader within the blockchain industry. Meanwhile, the BitTorrent User Incentive Plan will build a foundation for subsequent CDN construction of decentralization.- BitTorrent Offical Medium

Since BitTorrent launched in 2004, its software has been downloaded on over 1 billion devices and currently serves over 100 million monthly active users globally. According to the company, "the tokenization of its ecosystem through BTT is progressing as expected."


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