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"A blockchain-based cross-game universe for turning virtual items into real assests"

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1.)  What is the project for, what problem are they trying to solve, how do they plan to solve it?

CEO Explination

Problem: The in game items in which many gamer's posses have been proven to valuable to other gamer's, who would often be willing to pay money to acquire such items.

Ex. Lets use the video game NBA 2k18, a popular basketball video game, as our game of choice.  This game offers players a handful of different in game modes.  In particular there is a game mode called "My Player" in which the gamer can create and live out an entire basketball career of a fantasy player that he creates.  The gamer controls everything that this "My Player" does, from the way he dresses on and off the court, the way his shot and playing style is, to even how the player celebrates a win or a big shot.

In order to "unlock" cool gear, shot styles, and player celebrations etc. the gamer must earn in game tokens to purchase cool clothes and such.

However, Dmarket has seen a very good opportunity on this specific market.  Instead of gamers having to spend hours playing the game to earn a few tokens, some gamers are willing to put down physical currency to fast track their way to making there "My Player" swagged out in the coolest gear, and having the best shot style.

This is where Dmarket comes in.  Dmarket wants to create a currency in which gamers can trade in-game items from player to player.  This opens the door for a kind of craigslist type of marketplace in the gaming world.




Proof of work or proof of stake?

Proof Of Stake

6.)  Did they ICO or did they release an airdrop, or through mining on a Genesis block?

  • If ICO what was the ICO Price, how did their ICO go, did they hit their hard cap/soft cap?

ICO raised over 19 million

What exchanges are they listed on, what's the current price, and what's been the all time high and the all time low?

Upbit: BTC and ETH pairs


TIDEX: BTC and ETH pairs


Image result for all time highAll Time High:  $1.20

Image result for all time low stock All time low:  $0.27


What does their social media look like, do they have telegram, facebook, twitter, and if they do how active are they?

Very Active: Post multiple times a day

Active: Post every 1 to 2 days

Less Active: Post every 3 days or less

Facebook: Yes (Active)

Twitter: Yes (Active)

Telegram: Yes (Very Active)

If you do a google search and do some digging what pops up, what are other people saying, what are the news outlets saying?

Find out what other people are saying:

Do some of your own research:


The end result in these questions will satisfy Master Jay, The almighty "Bald One"

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