New Cracking Crypto video is uploaded!
Learn the basics on investing and trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies!
I put $200 in ADA last night, today it's up 120%. Have you ever heard of those kind of gains?! Learn how to do it all right here in this video with team members Justin Wise, Aaron Lynde, Cody Stull, Scott Lantow, & Ben Kirkland!

****How to purchase your first Bitcoins!

****How to create an account on Bittrex!

****How to transfer your Bitcoins from Coinbase to Bittrex!

****How to make your first Alt-Coin purchases using Bitcoin!

****Basics of Trading! Simple Moving Averages, Indicators to find Market Bottoms!

****Introduction to Trading View platform!

****Basics of Dollar Cost Averaging, and Maximizing Down-Side Potential! (Buy the Dips, Double Down on the Way Down)

****Differences between Day Trading, Swing Trading, and HODL.

****Hilarious banter between team members!

You do not want to miss this wonderful live stream exclusive from Cracking Crypto!

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