Keeping Your Passwords Safe

In light of the recent LastPass incident, many Cryptocurrency investors are searching for a more secure solution for their Password Manager needs.

Bitwarden is an attractive option.

Built on open-source technology, just like Bitcoin, Bitwarden offers cloud-based solutions and empowers users to run a personal instance of Bitwarden on their own servers.

For those seeking total control over their most sensitive information, we recommend Bitwarden Unified.

Bitwarden Unified

The Standard Deployment for Bitwarden Self Hosting was more demanding for servers.

With the new Bitwarden Unified, the installation process is more straightforward and requires fewer server resources than the Standard Deployment.

That makes Bitwarden Unified an excellent option for those new to managing their own server and looking for a secure method to store their most sensitive information online.

In this course, you'll learn the following:

  1. What Bitwarden Unified Is And Why It's An Attractive Solution
  2. How To Setup A Linode Virtual Private Server
  3. How To Register Your Own Domain
  4. How To Secure And Harden Your Server
  5. How To Send Encrypted Emails Via SMTP
  6. How To Install And Configure Docker For Bitwarden Unified
  7. How To Install And Configure Bitwarden Unified
  8. How To Use Bitwarden Unified And Security Best Practices

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